How long is the optical cord that is included?.

    very short, like a foot long

    will you get a better sound quality from this device compared to using the standard 3.5mm jack?

    I believe you will simply because it connects to your tv with the optical cord, which I think is higher quality than a standard 3.5mm cord. I also use the red and white rca jacks as the output which will result in better quality than a 3.5 output.

    does this accept 88.2 khz signals?

    Yes.It accept 88.2khz signals. our 1Mii digital to analog converter supports sampling rate from 32kHz to 192kHz.

    Do I need the adapter to use the power cord?

    Yes, it does not come with a USB power adapter.

    My surround sound works fine with regular tv but not Netflix. What would cause this?

    I can’t get it either

    I want to hook up a headset to my TV ... but the output is an optical digital audio jack ... will this system allow me to use a headset?

    The unit is made to take a digital output signal and convert it to analog signal. If your head set is made to use a digital signal this will not work.

    Does it support dolby 5.1?

    sorry, this converter does not support Dolby 5.1