RT5066 Wireless Transmitter Receiver Set

1mii RT5066 Wireless Transmitter Receiver Set2.4Ghz HD Video Transmitter, Low Delay 328ft TV Wireless Extender from PC/TV to Powered Speaker or Subwoofer, Video Audio Extender Kit RCA Out/in, 24bit/192kHz

HiFi Audio & 2.4GHz No Delay RT5066 Wireless TV transmitter and receiver support 2.4GHz, the delay is less than 20ms, let you watch TV with better timing. It can stream high-quality audio up to 24bit / 192kHz, better than CD quality.

Plug and Play 1Mii Wireless transmitter receiver set with RCA input and output can easily connect with your TV, DVD, MP4 to transfer audio wirelessly to a powered speaker, subwoofer, or home stereo. Very easy to use, connect the transmitter to your TV, connect the receiver to your home stereo, connect these two to the power source, Wireless transmitter receiver kit will automatically turn on and automatically connect.

Note: not support HDMI.

Long Range 1mii RT5066 Wireless Transmitter Receiver Set can achieve a range of up to 328ft /100m in the open air and 164ft/50m indoors.

Remove Cables between Two Audio Devices If you want to listen to music on the wall speaker or backyard speaker but don’t want so many cables, a wireless TV transmitter and receiver give you the best solution to connect your Subwoofer / CD Player / PC / MP4 /speaker and your home stereo wirelessly.

Flexible Connection The audio transmitter can connect with any audio source that has 3.5mm aux and RCA output. The receiver can connect with any home stereo, speakers with 3.5mm aux and RCA input.