This is a Bluetooth 5.0 high quality, aptX Low Latency & aptX HD dual mode USB Bluetooth AUDIO transmitter. It ONLY supports AUDIO DEVICES, and is NOT for keyboards, mouse devices, game controllers or data transfer.

Why Choose 1Mii B10 USB Bluetooth Audio Adapter?


APTX LOW LATENCY+APTX HD technologies deliver up to 80% lower latency and HD sound quality. Whether you’re playing games, listening to music, or watching movie, you’ll experience no lip sync delay and sound effect with much higher quality.


With advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technologies, your USB audio transmitter is backward compatible with Bluetooth 4.2/4.0/3.0/2.0 and it can deliver more stable wireless to your devices. 1Mii USB audio adapter can conveniently enhance your non Bluetooth devices with Bluetooth audio feature.(Only for Audio not support mouse, keyboard, game controllers.etc)


Your Bluetooth dongle is driver free, no need to download and manually install any drivers, just plug and play. And it compatible with PC, Mac, PS4, headphone, speaker(Driver free for Windows XP, 7, 10, macOS, Linux). Please note: not compatible with iOS, Android, iPad OS.


1Mii dual link Bluetooth transmitter can connect 2 Bluetooth headphones at the same time, you can share and enjoy music together with your friend.


Easy plug, pair and play. Plug your audio adapter into computer USB 2.0 /3.0 port, the LED indicator will flash red and blue(for the first time use,it will automatically enter pairing mode), pair with your headphone or speaker, the LED indicator will stays on after successfully paired with your headphone.

What’s in the Box?

1*USB Bluetooth audio adapter

1*User Manual


1Mii B10 USB Bluetooth Audio Adapter is a Audio Transmitter which enable your Mac, PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch etc to connect to your Bluetooth headphone or speakers.

How to Work with the Microphone on a Bluetooth Headset When I use a Windows or macOS or Linux Computer?

For Windows 10 PC, Please go: Settings>System>Sound>Choose your output device(Choose 1Mii Audio) Choose your Input Device(Choose 1Mii Audio). For Mac Users, please go: System preferences>Sound>Outputs>Choose”1Mii Audio” and Inputs,please also choose”1Mii Audio”.

For Windows 7, Please go: Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Sound>Playback(Choose “1Mii Audio ”); Recording(Choose “1Mii Audio”).

For Linux user , Please go: Settings> Devices> Audio> Sound Settings> Sound Preferences> Input(Choose “1Mii Audio Mono”) Output(Choose”1Mii Audio Analog Stereo”)

Please note: NO Bluetooth Driver Installation Required.

Why 1mii Bluetooth audio adapter B10 is not recognized as a BT device by my Windows10 PC?

1Mii B10 Bluetooth audio adapter is a USB SOUND CARD instead of a Bluetooth device so it can not be recognized as a BT device by your Windows PC and it doesn’t has Bluetooth device list. For Windows 10 PC, please go: “Settings>System>Sound” to find “1Mii Audio”, For windows 7,please go:”Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Sound>Playback”to find “1Mii Audio”.

How to Use the Mic on a headset When I Use My PS4?

Please go : Settings>Audio Devices>Input Device,please choose”USB headset(1Mii Audio)” Output Device>please choose”USB headset(1Mii Audio)”

Notes For aptX Low Latency and aptX HD: For no lip sync delay while gaming or HD audio while listen to music, please only use a Bluetooth headphone which supports aptX Low Latency or aptX HD.

Notes For PS4 And Nintendo Switch Users: 1Mii B10 enable your PS4, Xbox,Nintendo Switch to stream audio to your Bluetooth headphone or speaker. You need a USB type-C to USB female converter(Not included) to connect to your Nintendo Switch.

Notes for aptX HD & aptX LL Switching: Press the multi-function button to switch aptX LL/HD codec mode. The LED indicator status for different codec mode: aptX HD mode is GREEN, aptX LL mode is BLUE.