Can i use this with a soundbar that has digital usb or aux connectivity?

    I am not 100% sure but believe you should be able to using the AUX connection. I use the microphone with my computer through the AUX plug and it works fine. I did find I have to have the volume maxed out on the microphone transmitter itself as its sensitivity and the aux input are not the same.

    Will the 2.4G wireless microphone interfere w other devices in the room that have the same gigahertz?

    No. with our advanced anti-interference technology, this 2.4G wireless microphone will not interfere your other 2.4g wireless devices.

    I have a small portable Zoweetek mic/amp that I carry around.. Will this wireless mic fit or work with such a portable unit for everyday conversation?

    for conversation yes, don’t get for singing you will get a lot of static noise

    can this microphone work with a karaoke machine?

    Yes. If your Karoke machine come with a 3.5mm or 6.35mm line-in port, of course it can work with it.

    Where is this product shipping from? Is it a domestic shipment?

    Yes. It is a USA domesitc shipment.

    can i use this microphone for singing?

    Yes. you can use this microphone on you PA speaker and sing song.