What kind of 2600 Mach battery has a charging box? Can I charge it?

    Hello.This is a lithium-ion battery in a box that can be recharged. When the battery is charged, the headset can be charged in 150 hours.A month ago

    Do you always have the light on or blink? When do they connect to the phone?

    No, when they were connected to the phone, there was no light and I couldn’t match them, but the manufacturer gave me instructions through Amazon that I had been used.

    That’s the quality of my phone calls, which is basically why I use it, because I bought it several times and it was terrible on the phone. Thank you.

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    Try to turn both off and turn it on itself, and it will tell you that it’s on, and it’s trying to match, and if it doesn’t say pairing, you turn it off, turn it on, press and hold the button until it says it’s trying to pair, and then test its connection to the phone or notebook.

    I can use a usb-2.0 cable to install the power bank to the C type, but I can’t use the usb-a cable to put it in

    That’s a good question. Try it. If it’s compatible or not tested, I think you’re charging the C-type headphone cable there, like mobile width, instead of micro Ossetia’s current mobile width, USB width

    How long does the battery last?

    I haven’t seen it yet, but the earphone in the box has been on for more than three hours