Lavaudio DS100 DAC

1mii Lavaudio Audio Bolt DAC 2021, Portable Headphone Amplifier,DSD256 USB-C DAC, Type C/Lightning USB to 3,5mm AUX, USB DAC AMP, Mobile Studio Sound for Android/iOS/PC

  • 【Mini HiFi Audio DAC]】Lavaudio DS100 DAC is a studio-grade portable digital-analog Convertor. DS100 HiFi Analog Amp design delivers incredibly clean and linear sound amplification. Support Android phones with OTG function; Support lightning DAC USB interface of Apple mobile phone (wiring conversion is required).** The Playback Device must support 3.5mm audio out.
  • 【HIGHEST FIDELITY SOUND】Lavaudio DS100 DAC uses CS43198 chips, with the special clock recovery capability, the performance of the whole clock link of the player has no bottleneck in playing high code stream sound sources, and the sound quality can be comparable to that of high-end CD players. THD+N is as low as 0.0003% and SNR greater than 115dB, making DS100 DAC provides HiFi sound and better high-frequency extension. Now you have more ability to drive your headphones.
  • 【Amplified Audio Output Matches The Headphone Output Level】 The power output is 16 ohms / 156mw; 32 ohm / 87.5mw, dynamic range is 118db, noise Less than 2uv, the output amplitude is 1.7vrms. Experience an uncompromising headphone audio experience. Greater dynamic range, sound pressure levels, and enhanced stereo fields for better spatial imaging. Note: Inline Controls are primarily designed for mobile devices and vary on PC, Gaming Consoles & Music Players.
  • 【Why using CS43198】After thousands of experiments,and have especially tested and compared the decoding chips with good performance (from performance test to the comparison of listening feeling), including AK4497, ES9038 pro, etc It is found that CS43198 decoding chip has high comprehensive performance, the texture and density of various strings, the permeability of medium and high frequencies are obvious, and the low frequencies also have sufficient strength and elasticity.
  • 【Hassle-Free Service】At Lavaudio, we provide offer friendly, easy-to-reach support ( email). If you have any problems with Lavaudio DS100 DAC/AMP, please feel free to contact us and we will respond in time. We’re standing by to assist you all the time, so buy Lavaudio DS100 DAC Headphone Amplifier with confidence, you don’t know it will be a surprise until you have one. Two USB cables are included with the product,lightning DAC USB interface and Type C.