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    Founded in 2018, 1Mii is a technology company that has been dedicated to the development and production of long-range series of audio products such as wireless high-quality audio transmitters, lossless music players, headset, earphones, and the sales of them in the world. The company’s brand name “1Mii”, 1 stands for being single-minded and focused, ii originates from HiFi (HiFi Lossless Tone Quality), meaning that the brand will focus on HiFi lossless decoding, high-quality audio transmission, and create long-range wireless transmission, HiFi audio series products which can bring a more realistic sound experience to life and satisfy the high-quality spiritual pursuit of human beings due to economic take-off! 「One magic acoustics」 is the transliteration of 1Mii, also it represents the company’s clear positioning of the brand’s route, through the operation philosophy of the pursuit of excellence and circular empowerment, 1Mii has been trying to build an expert brand in the industry. The brand mission of “1Mii” makes us to keep moving forward while staying true to the original intention and make unremitting efforts to produce high-quality audio devices for consumers who really love music!

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    • Quality

      Always regard high quality and satisfying customers as the strategic goal that the enterprise pursues unremittingly.

    • Team

      If I succeed, I would like to share my honor with everyone! If I fail, I am willing to take all the responsibility!

    • Focus

      Focus all resources on strategy! Strive to be the pioneer and leading brand of long-distance wireless audio and video accessories!

    • Duty

      Return to the beginner’s mind, stand up for the right thing and do it right. We cooperate with others in the spirit of not taking advantage of others to achieve a win-win situation. When facing problems, we first find the cause of our own and take the initiative.

    • Customer Oriented

      To clarify the direction of all efforts of enterprises, it is necessary to improve consumer satisfaction. Make friends with consumers and regard their needs as the company’s biggest strategy. Create a sense of full service…

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