can you connect two bluetooth speakers at same time and have both play audio?

    Hi No, this Bluetooth adapter does not support dual link connection to two Bluetooth speakers! Please try our 1Mii B10 USB Bluetooth audio adpter for dual link connection (only for audio)

    Is this compatible with a PS4?

    Probably not as you need to be able to install the drivers on the computer it is plugged into.

    Laptop doesn’t have CD drive, is there a link where I can download driver

    Dear customer, if you don’t have CD drive, please kinldy download drivers via below links: Windows drivers: BT501 Driver installation guide:

    can i use this device to connect a wireless wacom pen and pad to my laptop wirelessly?

    Cant guarantee it but if you plug this into a windows laptop and properly install the drivers you should be able to connect any Bluetooth device. If you are not too tech savvy you may want to look at another Bluetooth option as this can be a little tricky to get working properly.
    If the Wacom pen and tablet connect via bluetooth, then of course you should be able to.