Is there a way to stop the bluetooth auto-pairing? Even when I click disconnect in the settings of my iphone it immediately pairs again.

    Hi, you can press the pairing button for 5 seconds to clear the pairing to stop the auto-pairing. This Bluetooth amplifier is designed to auto pair with the last paired device so that users don’t have to pair again. Any other question, you may reach us at

    Could this power 4 8 inch speakers?

    No problem. I have it powering book shelf speakers.

    Would this amp be suitable for a covered patio area or is it for indoors only?

    In doors only

    What is the supported impedence for speakers?

    Hi, this Bluetooth digital amplifier supports 2ohm, 3ohm, 4ohm, 6ohm and 8ohm speakers.

    Can the coax out be used as a subwoofer out?

    Hi, if your subwoofer is powered(with built-in circuit and optical/coaxial ports), it can work with the Bluetooth digital amplifier.

    Is the RCA line out fixed volume or does it vary with the volume?

    volume control knob

    how do I use the line in function? when i press the bluetooth button it doesn’t change.

    Just disconnect the bluetooth device and it will switch to aux in.