B06TX plus Bluetooth Transmitter

1mii B06tx plus Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter is suitable for Bluetooth adapter from TV to wireless headset / speaker, suitable for TV with screen display, Aux / optical / coaxial audio input, plug and play, aptx low delay.

Long Range, Strong Connection 1Mii long range Bluetooth extender with proven range up to 197ft(60m) line of sight in open air and up to 50-70ft (20-30m) indoors without interference.

No Lip-sync Delay AptX Low Latency technology of 1Mii long range Bluetooth transmitter eliminate Bluetooth audio delay, so you can watch TV / Movie / Video / Gaming in perfect synchronization.

Flexible Audio Connections 1Mii B06TX plus long range Bluetooth transmitter Supports digital OPTICAL / COAXIAL / AUX 3.5mm audio output standards making it compatible with 99% of the TVs, Receivers, Projectors on the market.

Dual Link Control individually 1Mii B06TX plus Bluetooth transmitter can work with 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously, lead you to pair with two Bluetooth earbuds or Bluetooth headphones one by one easily.

Super Easy Pairing with Screen Display 1Mii B06TX plus Bluetooth transmitter is designed with a very nice display screen. Clear and readable during operation, you can select the correct Bluetooth headphones easily.