Cuts volume by about 40% ? Amazon wont let me review it due to lightning deal.

    I have the very same problem. Before anyone jumps to a conclusion, here is my setup. B06 plugged into SONOS Play 5 powered speaker with iPhone X streaming directly over Bluetooth. Just switched out the B06 for another brand’s streamer and no problem using normal volume settings… Using the B06 I have to quadruple the normal volume setting to get anything useable. And, yes, my Bluetooth source volume on my phone is turned up to max.
    Sound quality is very good, but having to juggle sound settings is very inconvenient and would prevent me from recommending this product.

    Does this supply audio output to both outputs (RCA and 3.5mm) simultaneously?

    Saw question & got curious so… Plugged a pr of cheap headphones into the 3.5mm jack while simultaneously connected to a stereo & played a song using Pandora. The volume of stereo was immediately cut by around 50% & the sound level in headphones was really low.

    does this one auto shutdown if not used for some hours?

    You have to shut it off or it sits there and searches for a Bluetooth signal. It will auto connect with whatever device is available. I leave mine on so I can just auto connect when I walk into the house for music from my phone.

    can i send my music on my pc to my stereo with this device...and if yes how it work. Thanks in advance.

    You can if your computer has bluetooth – just pair your computer to the device and have the device connected to your stereo, assuming that your stereo takes extra inputs such as aux, tuner or CD type inputs.

    Could this be used in a car for phone calls along with music?

    I currently am using this in my car with a lighter outlet to usb converter to keep it powered as well as an aux cable to plug into and it works great for music. However I can’t figure out how to get phone calls to work on it. Whenever I receiver a phone call, it drops from bluetooth and goes to my handset. Is this a phone issue or bluetooth device issue?

    Looks like it has an on/off switch. Will this drop the Bluetooth connection to it as expected? or will it keep broadcasting like others sold here?

    I’m not positive as it is plugged into a switched outlet along with a stereo so there’s no power to the unit when not in use. I guess I can try it now…………

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