Is there a bluetooth with a mic?

    This airplane headphone adapter without mic.

    Does this work with airpods pro?

    The 1Mii Bluetooth transmitter works great with my airpods pro, a very good idea, I recommend it definitely

    Does the case and the adapter both have usb-c inputs for charging?

    I looked at my device and there is a USB port on both pieces…THE CORD has Usb plugs on both ends…. One small for units and one bigger…. I plugged into an Apple plug for wall charging

    Can volume be controlled from the headphones over Bluetooth?

    Yes, I just finished my travel with the headphone adapter, without any problem to control the volume by my Sony headset.

    Does this work with apple airpod pro and the solo pro beats?

    Both Apple Airpods and Solo Pro Beats are supported by Bluetooth technology, and 1Mii Airplane Adapter with the highest-end Bluetooth chip CSR 5.0, It with the best compatibility. So, please don’t worry, it supports your needs. Fore more questions please contact us via freely. We are always here to help. Regards. 1Mii Customer Support

    Does this work with airpods pro?

    Hello, Yes, This 1Mii Airplane Bluetooth Adapter works with airpods pro. for more questions please contact us freely via, we are always here to help. thank you! 1Mii Support.

    Could I use this with my headphones and the person sitting next to me use it with their headphones, or will they interfere with each other?

    they will not interfere with each other while working, however, it’s better to pair it with your Bluetooth headphone before your flight journey. After boarding to the aircraft, turn on both your airplane adapter and headphones, they will connect with each other automatically.
    Your headphone may connect with the airplane adapter belongs to your seatmate, if you and your seatmate pair them in aircraft at the same time.
    For more questions, pls contact us freely via, we are always here to help.