Is there a way to reset the device? My coworking connected their headphones once, and now it keeps pairing over their iphone when they arrive.

    Hi, restore factory default of B03pro by press Bluetooth button for 5 seconds, both TX and RX led flashes purple light twice quickly. and then enter into pairing mode again automatically.
    If you need more information, please feel free to contact us via, we will reply you within 24 hours, thanks.

    I work at home and speak with customers with my wireless headset. Does this device allow incoming and outgoing talking via my PC?

    i work at home also. it allows any bluetooth signal to transmit or recieve bluetooth signals. if your headset is bluetooth uour good. most oc headsets are radio frequency however just fyi. if radio will not work sorry.

    I have 2 different b03pro devices to handle 2 zotnes (back & front yards).how can i change the bluetooth name for each device to differentiate the 2?

    That is a million dollar question! lol I would like to know as well.

    The Warranty link is not working, how to contact support?

    Google the manufacturer’s name for contacting support. I think there is an email. It may also be in the instruction manual.

    device automatically tries to connect to my iPhone? How can I manually connect when i want but without having to Pair it each time??

    That is also a million dolllar question. I would like to know as well.

    What country is this made in?

    The transmitter is made in China.

    Does this work to take calls from my iPhone and connect to a old rotary phone when in range?

    No. Rotary phones rarely work with anything modern including BT technology.