Could you please add a close-up picture of the back of this unit? Also, are the antennae replaceable? Thank you.

    Hi, the antennas of 1Mii B03 long range Bluetooth transmitter can’t be replaced. we are very appreciated with your suggestions on the picture,will upload it very soon.Pls contact us freely via SUPPORT@1MII.COM, Thanx !

    Can I use the 1Mii B03 to extend a bluetooth network connection?

    yes but you’d need a second device capable of receiving to be connected to this device. in other words, you’d need a second box like this connected to this one by wires. the second box would connect directly to your phone or pc and this box (in transmission mode) would be your extender.

    Can I pair a bluetooth headset with it and my phone and use it to extend the range of how far I can talk on the phone with headset?

    Yes, I have 2 phones and a Bose Shoulder headset paired. It automatically extends the range of each item paired. The great thing about the Bose Shoulder Head phones is that you can pair your phones to it and your TV/Stereo/etc…….and answer your phones when a call comes in and when you hang up it will go back to letting you hear your TV/Stereo/etc…… All I did was pair the Bose to the Transmitter/Receiver, and everything else I paired to the Bose. 1Mii BO3 is AWESOME!!!!!

    How do you get the volume buttons to work? So far, they’re not working when using the optical cable with the transmitter.

    Hi, the volume buttons only works in Rx mode, please make sure the device was working in Rx mode. For more information about the bluetooth adapter, please contact us via, thank you.

    Can the device connect to Alexa/eco through Bluetooth?

    Yes and it works well. Only issue is that the Echo keeps reconnecting even if you tell Alexa to disconnect speaker. So I have to turn off receiver mode or disconnect the device completely in order to use the Echo’s internal speaker again.

    Can this transmit to multiple bluetooth headphones at same time?

    Can be paired with two headphones. While on the headphones, can also turn up the volume on the tv so others can hear and the sound will still come through the headphones unless you turn them off. Does pair only with two devices at a time. Then have to unpair them or reset device and pair again.